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Alberta Health Services

Medical First Response (MFR) agencies in Alberta such as fire departments and other community based volunteer groups, share a valuable role in the care of patients before they arrive at a hospital.  MFRs are key partners with Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Alberta that provide timely aid to patients and assist EMS when requested.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has a responsibility to ensure patient care is delivered safely and is committed to ensuring responders are trained, prepared and supported to deliver that care.

AHS and Alberta Health, in collaboration with an expert advisory panel have established a provincial model for Medical First Response.

The Alberta MFR Program includes:

  • Provincial standards for MFR service delivery
  • Support for the people and agencies providing MFR
  • Ensuring safe patient care with medical oversight and patient care guidelines


NOTE:  AHS does not offer certification training for people that are interested in becoming Medical First Responders.  Check with the organization you wish to join (i.e. local fire dept.) to confirm the training and certifications that they require.

For more information please explore the MFR portal and contact us by clicking here or email 

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