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Article posted on July 4, 2017

MFR Training & Equipment Fund - applications closing Oct 13th


The Alberta Medical First Response (MFR) Program is committed to providing resources for patient care supports throughout the province using various means.  While each agency is ultimately responsible for training & equipment costs to safely carry out MFR activity, AHS recognizes opportunities to provide assistance where it is needed most.  For a limited time, the MFR Program is accepting applications from enroled agencies for one-time, limited financial support to assist with patient care-related training & equipment.


  •          Applications are accepted starting JUL 4, 2017 and closing OCT 13, 2017.
  •          Applications are accepted only via the MFR portal online form, accessible by enroled Agency Coordinators
  •          Requested information will include agency name, contact info and details about the funding request (training/equipment description and rationale)
  •          Applications are reviewed and evaluated after the closing date
  •          The minimum funding amount is $250 to a maximum of $3,000 per agency
  •          Funding awarded to an Agency may be adjusted based on their previously successful applications
  •          The expense must have been incurred after APR 01, 2017 or planned to be incurred prior to MAR 31, 2018
  •          Funding awards for successful applications will be paid starting JAN 2018


Qualifying Agency:  An agency fully enrolled with the AHS MFR Program, complying with all program requirements and consisting primarily of volunteer or paid-on-call personnel with no more than four (4.0 FTE) full-time employees per deployment location.

Training:  Patient care-related training that may be eligible for funding includes, but is not limited to:

  •          Standard First Aid (SFA) certification or renewal
  •          Advanced First Aid certification or renewal
  •          Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification or renewal (Level C or Healthcare Provider Level)
  •          Instructor level certification or renewal (i.e. CPR, SFA, etc.)
  •          Training or certification that is eligible for continuing-education credit with the Alberta College of Paramedics (ACP)
  •          Training or certification related to patient or responder safety & wellness (i.e. Infection Prevention & Control, N95 Respirator Fit-Tester, Injury Prevention, etc.)


Equipment:  Patient care-related equipment that may be eligible for funding includes, but is not limited to: 

  •          Medical training supplies and other items such as AED trainers, CPR mannequins, etc.
  •          Medical response kits (trauma bags, etc.)
  •          AEDs
  •          Other clinical equipment or monitoring devices routinely used in patient care and supported by the MFR Medical Control Protocols

Not Eligible:  Items that are not eligible for funding, at the discretion of the MFR Program, include:

  •          Licensure fees/dues for professional practice permits (i.e. AbCP fees)
  •          Clinical equipment that exceeds the MFR agency’s chosen level of service
  •          Training or equipment that is not primarily patient-care related (i.e. communications  equipment)
  •          Training that falls below minimum standards for MFR (i.e. Emergency First Aid, CPR Level A/B, etc.)


Application Process (See figure 1 for process flowchart)

  1.     Agency submits online application for funding
  2.     Application form is located at the link above.  Note:  You must be logged in to the MFR portal to access the application form, contact if you are unable to access it
  3.     Requests are reviewed and evaluated by the MFR Program after the closing date
  4.     MFR Program notifies successful applicants
  5.     Successful applicants invoice AHS for the awarded amount by DEC 15 2017, along with proof of expense if already incurred (i.e. copy of receipt, etc.) or estimate for expense.
  6.     AHS Accounts Payable contacts Agency to arrange payment
  7.     AHS approves payments to occur starting JAN 2018
  8.     All applicants will be notified of their application status by DEC 01 2017

Last Updated: Tuesday, July 04, 2017

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