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Alberta Health Services

Article posted on March 1, 2019

Update on Tourniquet use by MFR


The Alberta MFR program has recently received numerous requests for Combat Application Tourniquets (CAT).  We are in the process of revising the Control of External Bleeding Medical Control Protocol (MFR MCP #8).  CAT tourniquets are currently in stock, however, they will not be distributed for use on patients until the MCP is updated and approved by the Medical Directors.

Tourniquets and training resources for online and in-house use and will be available for MFR Agencies to access once these steps are completed.

In the meantime, the use of tourniquets is included as part of Standard First Aid certification.  Tourniquets are available to the MFR Red Cross Instructor Network for the purposes of instructing First Aid in preparation for this update.


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Last Updated: Friday, March 01, 2019

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