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Article posted on July 5, 2019

New PCR Enhancements

We are always looking for efficiencies for our MFR Partners.
One area that we recently made enhancements to is,  the online MFR PCR .....

These are the most recent enhancements ....

  1. Changed the box labeled "Patient Location/Position" to "Initial Impression - Patient Position / Location"

  2. The areas labeled "Allergies" and "Past Medical History and Medications" have been moved up on the page. They are now located below the "Responder Impression Code" box. Rationale: Allergies, past medical history, and medications should be part of the initial assessment, therefore we moved it to an area that will capture these items in the initial assessment. 

  3.  Moved temperature from under "Skin Temp" to the "vitals" section of the PCR.
  4. Changed the "pupils" box from Equal/Reactive and Unequal/Unreactive to 4 separate boxes. Rationale: Pupils can be equal and non-reactive or Unequal and reactive. This change will allow for the correct boxes to be checked

  5.  Removed "pupils" from the vitals section and added it to the "pupil reaction" box. 

  6.  Removed "Describe illness/injury" box. Rationale: This information should be written in the "treatment comments" section

  7.  Updated items in the Treatments area. Rationale: We've updated specific items in the treatments section for ease and to help support data collection requirements ie: CPR prior to MFR

  8.  Addition of Designation and RO #. If your RO# is listed on your MFR profile, it will automatically populate on the PCR

  9.  Addition of File Attachment. Rationale: PCR Authors can upload an ECG strip, medications or any other documents relevant to the care and treatment of the patient.

*Remember: PCRs are mandatory if any vitals and/or treatment has been performed by a MFR practitioner

Do you have any suggestions for us on how to improve the user experience on our portal? Send me an email! 


Last Updated: Friday, July 05, 2019

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