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Alberta Medical First Response Program

Medical First Response (MFR) agencies are key partners with Emergency Medical Services (EMS). They provide timely aid to patients during emergencies and support EMS when requested.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has a responsibility to ensure patients receive safe care and that medical first responders are trained, prepared and supported to provide that care.

AHS and Alberta Health, in collaboration with an expert advisory panel, have developed a provincial model for Medical First Response. It formalizes the standards of medical care provided by MFR's across the province, building on the good work our partner providers are already doing to help patients.

Communities will decide what level of response is offered by their local Medical First Response agency. While agencies must meet program standards, registration with the Alberta College of Paramedics is not required.  Municipalities and agencies can choose if they wish to participate in the MFR program based on community interest, resources and ability to respond to medical calls.

We understand that having local medical response is vital, no matter how big or small a community is.  Our priority is to work with and support response agencies and enhance the services they are capable of providing to ensure Albertans get the best care possible.

For more information please explore the MFR portal and use the 'Contact Us' form to submit a question.

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