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General FAQ's

What happens if our MFR resources are not available (busy on another call, etc.) and we are unable to respond?
Why has Alberta Health Services created the Medical First Response provincial program?
What if our agency decides to stop participating in medical first response?
Will AHS pay for medical first response in communities?
Will participation in this program mean that our first responders will be required to respond to more events and put an extra burden on our volunteers?
What are the benefits of participating in the MFR program?
Will our community's MFR group be operated directly by AHS?
What is being done to ensure that medical first responders are able to communicate with EMS during an emergency?

Insurance and Liability

Are Medical First Responders protected from liability?
Does the Emergency Medical Aid Act apply to Medical First Responders?
If I am trained at a higher level of scope than the EMS unit that is transporting the patient from an emergency scene, am I obligated to travel with the EMS unit to the hospital?


What is the process to get onto AFRRCS and access the appropriate talkgroups in order to speak to EMS?

Level of Service

Can members that are registered with the Alberta College of Paramedics perform care at a scope of practice higher than the MFR agency level of service once EMS is on scene?
If my agency chooses a level of service, are we required to always meet that skill level when we respond?
What is the difference in skills between the various levels of service that a practitioner is allowed to perform?
What skills would a MFR member be able to perform if they are a Registered Nurse (RN)?
What if our medical first responders don't meet the minimum standards?
Our community's MFR program is comprised of volunteers who are trained in Standard First Aid. Will they be required to increase their skill level and register with the Alberta College of Paramedics (ACP)?
I live in rural Alberta, 30 minutes from the nearest ambulance station. Will my local MFR service be delivered in the same way as in Edmonton or Calgary?

MFR Requirements and Supports

Will AHS provide the necessary training and equipment to agencies to meet their level of service?

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