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Please Note:  Any organization that is not enrolled with AHS as an MFR agency, and needs assistance with naloxone resources are encouraged to contact the AHS Harm Reduction Program at for further information.

This is the Naloxone Resources area for Alberta Medical First Response (MFR) Agencies.

Regulatory changes took place in February 2017 that permit non-regulated first responders such as firefighters and law enforcement to carry and administer naloxone to patients. Use of naloxone is supported by the Medical Oversight and Quality Assurance processes in place with the Alberta MFR Program.  This includes an updated Medical Control Protocol outlining when naloxone should be administered as well as the Patient Care Record documenting the use of naloxone.

While there is a lot of focus on naloxone, it is important to remember it is not the first line of patient care.  We want to emphasize that MFRs at all levels of training are already able to treat suspected opioid overdose by providing critical airway and ventilation assistance.  Naloxone can be very beneficial for patients when administered appropriately but it does not replace other supportive measures.

The decision to carry naloxone does not affect your MFR Agency’s current level of service or response plan.  If you choose to implement naloxone, personnel from the Alberta MFR Team are available to answer questions and assist with the next steps.

You must be logged in to the portal to access naloxone order forms, training and other resources.  Once logged in, use the links in the menu located to the right. If you require assitance please contact

Fire Departments that are not yet enrolled with the Alberta MFR Program but wish to carry naloxone for administration to patients may enroll as an MFR Agency by contacting



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