Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services

The Alberta MFR Program's Guiding Documents

     The MFR Foundational Documents support the 7 Pillars of the MFR Program
and are a valuable source of information for our MFR partners
*This page is a work in progress, Please be patient as we update our records*


Medical Control Protocols - SFA/FMR
Medical Control Protocols - PCP 


MFR Program Overview 
MFR Program Administration Team,  Organizational Chart


Skills & Training 


Medical Control Protocols (MCP)
Medical First Response (MFR) MCP Maintenance and Review Committee
Agency-Specific Medical Control Protocol Process

Patient Care Reporting
Medical First Response Paper PCR
 (All PCR's are required to be uploaded to, or entered on, the portal)

Quality Assurance
MFR Clinical Documentation Requirments & Submission Process
Quality Assurance Flow Chart

Agency Supports
MFR Equipment Recovery and Replacement Process

Medical Oversight
Medical Director Qualifications, Approval & Responsibilities 
Medical Director Committee Terms of Reference
Medical Director Organizational Chart                 


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