Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services

Patient Care Reports (PCRs)

  1. PCRs can be completed online from the home page after logging into the MFR portal
  2. Scanned PCRs or PDF files can also be uploaded as a PCR.

Medical Control Protocols (MCPs)

  1. MFR Medical Control Protocols and Resources Page
  2. Advanced Care Paramedic Level MFR Agencies - please refer to the AHS EMS Provincial Protocols


 MFR Program Organizational Charts

  1. Medical Director Organizational Chart

Agency Supports

  1. Consumable Supply Replacement Process
  2. List of supplies available through MFR
  3. Form to request supplies
  4. Form for other support

MCP Administrative Documents

  1. Agency-Specific Medical Control Protocol Process
  2. MFR MCP Maintenance and Review Committee

MFR Program Overview

  1. MFR Training Standards (v2022)
  2. Collection and Sharing of Map Data
  3. Dispatch and Communication Process
  4. Address-Specific Exceptions in MFR Response Plans
  5. MFR Skills Comparison Chart
  6. First Aid Programs Approved in Alberta
  7. Driving of Ambulances by Non-AHS Staff

Patient Care Reporting

  1. MFR Clinical Documentation Requirements & Submission Process
Quality Assurance

  1. Quality Assurance Flow Chart
  2. Quality Assurance Review Processes      


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