Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services

Program Pillars

     The MFR Foundational Documents support the 7 Pillars of the MFR Program
and are a valuable source of information for our MFR partners.


1.0 MFR Program Overview 
       1.1 MFR Program Administration Team,  Organizational Chart

2.0 Medical Oversight
      2.1  Medical Director Qualifications, Approval & Responsibilities
      2.2  Medical Director Committee Terms of Reference
      2.3  Medical Director Organizational Chart
     2.4  Medical Control Protocols - SFA/FMR
      2.4i Medical Control Protocols - PCP
      2.5  Agency-Specific Medical Control Protocol Process

3.0 MFR Clinical Scope of Practice & Service Level
         MFR Skills Comparison Chart

4.0 Patient Care Reporting & Quality Assurance 
 4.1 Medical First Reponse Paper PCR
     4.2 Quality Assurance Flow Chart

5.0 MFR Online Portal 

6.0 Training & Equipment Supports

7.0 Provincial Support & Collaboration


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada