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EFRS AED Purchase Request



Edmonton Fire Rescue Services (EFRS), Alberta MFR and Stryker
have collaborated to assist 
Registered Alberta MFR Agencies in obtaining a LifePak 1000 AED at a reduced cost!! 


Edmonton Fire has recently replaced their current AEDs.
EFRS' previous AEDs still have a lot of life left and have been well maintained, so EFRS approached MFR wanting to assist other MFR Agencies in obtaining these devices at a cost of $500.00 per AED. 

Please note:
Agencies will be awarded the ability to purchase one (1) AED initially but can request multiple if there is a surplus.
The AEDs must be placed with the MFR Agency only. If the intent is to purchase one (1) on behalf of another not-for-profit agency (school, church, etc.), It will need to be discussed with and approved by Natasha (Alberta MFR). Each AED will come pre-registered on the website and with 911 which means we will require the address of the physical location of the AED. 

* Alberta MFR is in no way responsible for or involved in, any of the financial portions of this transaction. Alberta MFR is simply facilitating the administrative portion of this transaction to assist EFRS. Alberta MFR will not be receiving any money and/or profit from this campaign. 


for considering Alberta MFR and your fellow provincial fire departments
for this exciting initiative
 get AEDs into the community! 


Please complete the Request for Purchase below. Once your information has been received, you will receive a completion message. Natasha will contact your agency within 2 weeks to confirm and provide the documentation required to complete your purchase. 

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