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Ordering N95 Respirators from AHS

AHS knows how critical N95 respirators are to the safety of healthcare providers.  Medical First Response (MFR) Agencies have the option to purchase N95 respirators from Alberta Health Services (AHS) Contracting, Procurement and Supply Management (CPSM) during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Key Messages

  • AHS supplies N95 respirators to external partner agencies on a cost-recovery basis
  • There is a cost to the MFR Agency when purchasing N95 respirators from AHS 
  • MFR Agencies ordering N95 respirators will receive an invoice
  • N95 respirators are required when Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures (AGMP) are being performed
  • There is no obligation to purchase N95 respirators through AHS
  • Availability of specific models of respirators may fluctuate due to market demands
  • MFR Agencies are responsible for ensuring their responders have been properly fit-tested to the model(s) being purchased


Setting Up An Account (must be completed prior to placing the first order)

An External Ordering Account Registration form and completion of online privacy training is required prior to placing the first order.  Completing the following steps will provide your organization with login credentials for the AHS Supplies Ordering Portal.

  1. Download and fill out the 'External Ordering Account Registration Form' (.xls Excel spreadsheet). Or, download and print a PDF version of the form. Submit the signed and completed form to When submitting the form, please ensure that the Authorized Representative for the organization indicated on the form (approver) is copied on the email.
  2. Watch the 'Privacy and IT Security' video (18 minutes)
  3. Complete the 'Information & Privacy and IT Security & Awareness' online learning module (approx. 30 minutes)
  4. On the last page of the online learning module, you will receive the 'Confidentiality and User Agreement'.  This form must be filled out and submitted by email to


Placing An Order

Once the above steps have been completed and you have received login credentials from AHS CPSM, use the following link:

Click here to be directed to the AHS Supplies Ordering Portal

Questions about account registration, product details, the ordering process or the status of an order can be directed to the AHS CPSM Customer Support team at

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada